Engineering cells
to make better mRNA

The future of mRNA technology is hampered by manufacturing challenges and unless solved, its exciting potential may never be realised.

At Sensible Biotechnologies, we are developing a cost-efficient and scalable platform for the production of high-quality mRNA to enable the next generation of mRNA therapeutics and vaccines.


mRNA is typically made via cell-free methods. By leveraging processes in engineered living cells, we produce high-quality mRNA in a cost-efficient and scalable fashion.

long mRNA opens the path towards novel mRNA-based modalities

naturally modified mRNA increases the efficacy of mRNA therapies

cost-effective mRNA manufacturing improves access to mRNA technology

scalable mRNA production strengthens biosecurity and supply chain resilience

We are combining principles of cell engineering, computational biology and precision fermentation to build the cell-based platform for the manufacturing and design of mRNA vaccines and therapeutics.


Profile Image of Miroslav Gasparek
Miroslav Gasparek
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Profile Image of Marian Kupculak

Marian Kupculak, DPhil

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Profile Image of Paul Sobotka

Paul Sobotka, MD

Vice President of Clinical Research

Profile Image of Anton McCaffrey

Anton McCaffrey, PhD

Vice President of Manufacturing Strategy

Profile Image of Leanne Minall

Leanne Minall, DPhil

Head of Science

Profile Image of Michal Karlubik

Michal Karlubik

Head of Operations

Profile Image of Kelvin Yaprianto

Kelvin Yaprianto, DPhil

Senior Scientist

Profile Image of Liudmyla Kapustian

Liudmyla Kapustian, PhD

Senior Scientist

Profile Image of Alexandra Vargova

Alexandra Vargova

Computational Biologist

Profile Image of Romana Halova

Romana Halova

Junior Scientist

Profile Image of Dominika Valachova

Dominika Valachova

Junior Scientist

Profile Image of Katarina Pruzinska

Katarina Pruzinska

Lab Manager and Executive Assistant

Profile Image of Vikram Shaw

Vikram Shaw

Research Scientist

Profile Image of Canran Wang

Canran Wang

Research Scientist

Profile Image of Kazimir Uzwyshyn-Jones

Kazimir Uzwyshyn-Jones

Research Scientist

Scientific Advisory Board - to be announced soon

Investors & Partners


Our team brings together leading experts in mRNA manufacturing and synthetic biology, with the support of top life science executives and investors.

We are hiring cell engineers, bioprocess engineers, mRNA Quality Control analysts and RNA computational biologists for our Oxford site. The specific job descriptions are coming soon, but you can drop us an email including your CV or resumé.


Sensible Biotechnologies Raises $4.2mn in a Pre-Seed Financing Round to Revolutionize mRNA Manufacturing

Sensible Biotechnologies, Inc., an mRNA platform company, has announced a $4.2mn pre-seed round to accelerate the development of its cell-based platform for cost-efficient manufacturing of high-quality mRNA.

Ginkgo partners up with Sensible Biotechnologies to forge mRNA manufacturing platform

Since the successful, global release of mRNA-based Covid-19 vaccines, the mRNA platform has become a top focus for biopharma companies. Ginkgo Bioworks’ latest partnership looks to further tap the mRNA market.

Sensible Biotechnologies And Ginkgo Bioworks Announce Partnership To Make In Vivo RNA To Unlock The Promise Of RNA Therapeutics

Fermentation tanks filled with thousands of liters of growth media and cells have been the picture of therapeutics production for decades.

Developing a Novel mRNA Manufacturing Platform with Sensible Biotechnologies

Today, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Sensible Biotechnologies to develop an in vivo microbial mRNA manufacturing platform.

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Sensible Biotechnologies Partners with Ginkgo to Develop Novel mRNA Manufacturing Platform

Sensible Biotechnologies entered into a partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks to develop an in vivo microbial mRNA manufacturing platform.

Sensible Biotechnologies Announces Partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks to Develop Novel mRNA Manufacturing Platform

Through this partnership, Sensible and Ginkgo aim to develop an in vivo alternative to conventional in vitro mRNA production technology.


mRNA. Made better.

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