Engineering cells to unlock the next generation of mRNA medicines.


The future potential of mRNA therapeutics and vaccines is constrained by legacy manufacturing methods.

Sensible enables the next generation of mRNA medicines by turning living cells into factories producing abundant, highly stable and non-immunogenic mRNA in a scalable and cost-effective way.


mRNA is typically made via cell-free methods. By leveraging processes in engineered living cells, we produce high-quality mRNA in a cost-efficient and scalable fashion.

long mRNA opens the path towards novel mRNA-based modalities

naturally modified mRNA increases the efficacy of mRNA therapies

cost-effective mRNA manufacturing improves access to mRNA technology

scalable mRNA production strengthens biosecurity and supply chain resilience

We are combining principles of cell engineering, computational biology and precision fermentation to build the cell-based platform for the manufacturing and design of mRNA vaccines and therapeutics.


Investors & Partners


Our team brings together leading experts in mRNA manufacturing and synthetic biology, with the support of top life science executives and investors.

We are hiring cell engineers, bioprocess engineers, mRNA Quality Control analysts and RNA computational biologists for our Oxford site. The specific job descriptions are coming soon, but you can drop us an email including your CV or resumé.

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